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Human Figure in Copper Coins

Copper | Sculpture | Customise

This sculpture inspired by artist Valay Shende's artwork and is installed in the living room of a residential building in Mumbai. During this project, I learned many different techniques like die making, brazing, buffing etc.

Sculpture for John Deere head office

GunMetal | Sculpture | Customise

This was a challenging project that required us to balance a 180 kg sculpture made in gunmetal on simply two back legs of a deer.

Customised Graffiti for Mr Amit Trivedi

Celebrity | Graffiti | Customise

We created a highly customized wall graffiti for the eminent Indian music composer, Amit Trivedi which depicted rooted Indian musical instruments that have been integral to his musical expression. (Picture credit - Amit Trivedi)

Wall Mural for Skin Care Clinic

Clinic | Mural | Customise

I accepted the commission to create a mural for a medical clinic with the aim to create a never seen masterpiece. The concept of the mural titled ‘Kaya’ was based on research undertaken on understanding human skin cells. Kaya is a microscopic view of a human skin cell engraved on a block of wood. In retrospection, the mural creates a fascinating appeal to the human eye and intellect.

Whale Fish Tail in SS-304

IT Park | Sculpture | Customise

This sculpture is created to display in the water body of a commercial complex entrance lobby. Whale fish represents prosperity.